Incense sticks Sandalwood

Incense sticks Sandalwood

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Variatie: Incense sticks Sandalwood
Incense sticks Sandalwood
Labdanum Bladeren
Tonka Beans
Palo Santo
Incense sticks Rose
Incense sticks Nag Champa blossom
Incense Sticks Patchouli
Incense sticks Agar wood
Incense sticks Orange blossom
Rose Petals
Sandalwood Powder
Woestijn salie
Sandelhout Hydrolaat
Orange blossom petals
Cadarwood chips
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Incense sticks Sandalwood

Product description

Incense sticks Sandalwood

Traditional sandalwood incense of the highest quality.
The incense sticks from the blue line series from Berk are made according to a traditional recipe with completely natural substances such as wood, flowers, roots, resins, herbs and oils that are mixed and rolled by hand on a bamboo stick.

Sandalwood is a favorite incense to many.

Net weight per package: approx. 10 g
  • Hand rolled
  • Composed according to a traditional recipe
  • Based on quality essential oils, wood, roots, herbs and resins
  • High quality of Berk


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Anita 31-12-2023 13:39 Zalige, pure geur. Het brandt lekker lang.

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Incense sticks Sandalwood
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