Patchouli is the best known and popular aphrodisiac fragrance

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Latin name: Pogostemon patchouli

Love - sensuality
Patchouli smells sultry, heavy, slightly earthy, yet seductive. Patchouli is aphrodisiac and erotically stimulant. It connects us in a breathtaking way to our own sensuality and the excess vibrancy of Mother Nature herself.

Category: Fragrant woods and herbs
Comes in a pouch of 25 grams

  • Has one of the best known and most popular aphrodisiac scents
  • Smells sultry, heavy, slightly earthy yet seductive
  • It connects us to our own sensuality in a breathtaking way
  • It is grown in much of East, Southeast and South Asia
  • For smoking on charcoal or sieve


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