André, Janet, and Wesley are the driving forces behind j'Olie et Co Aromatherapy. So, we are a real family business, with a great passion for aromatherapy!

Janet founded j'Olie et Co in 2012, and with success. Initially for a small group of enthusiasts interested in Aromatherapy. After a decade, André and Wesley took over the business. André is responsible for commerce, purchasing and innovations, Wesley is responsible for the look & feel of the webshop.

Janet has set her priorities to FytArom Training. A CAT and KTNO accredited 3-year course as a Naturopathic Aromatherapist. Further trainings, Workshops and Masterclasses are also provided.

Wesley has a graphic background. He is mainly concerned with the look & feel of the webshop. Everything in consultation with André and Janet.

André has a background in sales and owned several successful companies. André is training as a Naturopathic Aromatherapist and has almost completed it.

Our vision:
The use and application of natural products for body care, vitality and health is growing in popularity. Products from j'Olie et Co Aromatherapy are mainly characterized by a healing effect or contribute to good health. We offer only natural and carefully selected products, without preservatives, 100% organic and with a guaranteed quality.

Our specializations are Hydrolats, Essential Oils, Essential Oil Blends, CO2 Extracts, Resins & Incense, Carrier Oils, Macerated Oils and Massage Oils. Only honest, natural products made from wild or sustainably cultivated flowers and plants. Our products are recommended and used by Aromatherapists, Massage Therapists, other Specialists, and we can also count a number of renowned healthcare institutions among our regular clientele. We are very proud of that!

Why j'Olie et Co Aromatherapy?
We distinguish ourselves through knowledge and insight into the application of our products. And only carry products with a proven organic origin. It is important to us that products are offered without preservatives and only work with carefully selected global suppliers.

Of course, we meet the legal requirements with regard to privacy, secure payment as we are affiliated with Valued Shops Netherlands.