Desert Sage - Herb Bundle

Desert Sage - Herb Bundle: This desert sage is an indispensable incense for North American shamans. It is a strong herb for cleaning houses, rooms and ...

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Variatie: Desert Sage - Herb Bundle
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Product description

Desert Sage - Herb Bundle

Desert sage (Artemisia tridentata) belongs to the mugwort family. It is an indispensable smoking agent for the North American Indians and shamans. It is a powerful tool for cleaning rooms and protects against negative energies. The scent is intensely herbaceous and warming.

Desert sage:
  • is highly flammable
  • a strong agent for cleaning rooms
  • protects against negative energies
  • is originally from the USA
  • is 100% organic

Note: this is a different type of sage than White Sage (Salvia Alpine)! White Sage was and is considered sacred by the indigenous people of North America and is therefore only used in very special ceremonies.


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Desert Sage - Herb Bundle
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