Cadarwood chips

Promotes happiness

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Variatie: Cadarwood chips
Cadarwood chips
Labdanum Bladeren
Tonka Beans
Palo Santo
Incense sticks Sandalwood
Rose Petals
Sandalwood Powder
Woestijn salie
Orange blossom petals
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Cadarwood chips

Product description

Cedarwood - chips
Latin name: Cedrus

Protection - happiness
The cedar connects us deeply with the earth and the heavenly at the same time. It strengthens our strength for inner development and the pursuit of higher things. The cedar is smoked for protection and must also have courage, perseverance, honesty, as well as reputation and prosperity, or in general

Promote happiness.

Category: Fragrant woods and herbs
Comes in a pouch of 25 grams

Cedarwood chips:
  • For smoking on charcoal or sieve


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Cadarwood chips
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