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Terms & Conditions

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General terms and conditions of sale and delivery of j’Olie et Co.com

General provisions

Art. 1 Definitions
The terms below are defined as follows for the application of these general terms and conditions:
- Buyer:
Anyone who enters into or has entered into an Agreement with j'Olie et Co.,
- j'Olie et Co.:
j'Olie et Co., user of these general terms and conditions, with its registered office and office in Bergschenhoek at Oosteindseweg 161, 2661 EC Bergschenhoek, the Netherlands
- Agreement:
Any between the Purchaser and your Oil et Co. agreement of purchase and sale with regard to the goods sold by j'Olie et Co. are offered in the context of its normal business operations,
- Requirements:
The general terms and conditions of sale and delivery of j'Olie et Co.,

Art. 2 Applicability Conditions
These Conditions form part of every offer, quotation and every Agreement and apply to all supplies and other services performed under an Agreement.
Additional and / or deviating conditions of the Buyer - including purchase conditions - are not part of the Agreement and are binding on j'Olie et Co. not, unless explicitly agreed by the parties. If these Conditions are changed in the meantime, the amended version of these Conditions will form part of every agreement between the Buyer and j'Olie et Co. concluded Agreement, unless the Buyer expressly indicates in writing within seven days of receipt of the amended Conditions that it does not agree with the changes.

Art. 3 Formation of the Agreement
Quotations and offers from j’Olie et Co. are entirely without obligation unless explicitly stated otherwise.
An Agreement is concluded by an order placed by the Buyer with j'Olie et Co. and the acceptance by j'Olie et Co. of this order. By placing an order, the Buyer accepts the applicability of the Conditions. An order from the Buyer is considered accepted by j'Olie et Co., if j'Olie et Co. not inform the Buyer within two weeks that he does not accept the order. The Buyer has the right to dissolve the concluded Agreement without giving any reason for a period of 14 working days. This should only be done by e-mail.

These 14 days start from the moment the consumer receives the product. For services, the reflection period starts when the consumer orders.

Art. 4 Force majeure
In case, due to force majeure, the delivery of the ordered goods is impossible, J'Olie et Co. discharged from its obligations under the Agreement. In the event of a delay in delivery due to force majeure, J'Olie et Co. discharged from its obligations to deliver within the specified delivery time. Force majeure also includes a circumstance in which j'Olie et Co. has no influence or can reasonably have no influence. The Buyer is only authorized to proceed with dissolution insofar as the Agreement cannot be performed, or it has been established that fulfillment is not possible within two months. In the event of force majeure on the part of j’Olie et Co. does not claim compensation for the damage he has suffered from j’Olie et Co.,

Art. 5 Liability
j’Olie et Co. is not liable for damage suffered by the Buyer or any third party, as a result of shortcomings in the performance of j'Olie et Co. delivered goods. j’Olie et Co. is not liable for any damage suffered by the Buyer or any third party as a result of non, incorrect or late delivery by j'Olie et Co. The liability of j’Olie et Co. with regard to the goods delivered under the Agreement, is maximized to the amount for which the goods are transferred under the Agreement. Unless otherwise specified, all legal actions against j'Olie et Co. a limitation period of one year, calculated from the date of the conclusion of the Agreement.

Art. 6 Payment
j’Olie et Co. charges the amounts owed by the Buyer under the Agreement by means of an invoice. De Koper and j’Olie et Co. can agree to cash payment. Payment must be made to a bank account indicated by j'Olie et Co. indicated bank or giro account, without deduction or discount, in the manner and within the period stated on the invoice. If no term is stated, a payment term of ten working days will apply.
j’Olie et Co. reserves the right to pass on price changes to the Buyer. j’Olie et Co. will explicitly notify the Buyer of any price changes. The Buyer can dissolve the Agreement within five working days after the price change has been expressly communicated to the Buyer. Termination of the Agreement on the basis of changed prices must be sent in writing or by e-mail to j'Olie et Co. to be submitted. If the Buyer moves and / or changes his invoice address, he must notify j'Olie et Co. of the new address in writing as soon as possible in advance. j’Olie et Co. has the right at all times to require advance payment, cash payment or security for the payment of the Buyer. Without express permission from j'Olie et Co. the Buyer is not entitled to fulfill his payment obligations towards j'Olie et Co. to be set off against any claim of the Buyer against j'Olie et Co., for whatever reason.

In case of non-payment or late payment, j'Olie et Co. from the due date of the invoice, without prior notice or demand, entitled to charge the Buyer an interest of 1% per month or part of a month that payment is not made. Furthermore, j'Olie et Co. entitled to charge the Buyer an amount of at least 15% of the outstanding principal sum as compensation for the costs paid by j'Olie et Co. judicial and extrajudicial collection costs to be incurred, without prejudice to the right of j'Olie et Co. to charge the actual costs incurred to the Buyer.

As long as the Buyer has not fulfilled all its payment obligations to j'Olie et Co., for whatever reason, j'Olie et Co. entitled to discontinue or suspend the agreed delivery of movable property. This suspension applies until the moment at which the Buyer still has obligations to j'Olie et Co. has been fulfilled.

Notwithstanding the provisions of this article, j'Olie et Co. in the event of non-payment or late payment, or non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of any other obligation resting on the Buyer, is entitled to declare the Agreement dissolved in writing without prior notice of default, without prejudice to the right of j'Olie et Co. to demand compensation from the Buyer for the damage it has suffered as a result of this dissolution.

Art. 7 Retention of title
As long as the Buyer has not fully complied with all its payment obligations to j'Olie et Co. on the basis of an Agreement for delivery or making available of goods, including claims for failure to comply with such an Agreement, j'Olie et Co. retains ownership of all goods delivered by him to the Buyer

Art. 8 Guarantee
On all products, movable property offered by j'Olie et Co. the guarantees apply which are provided by the manufacturer of the articles. The warranty is only valid if an original purchase invoice can be submitted. Unless there is gross negligence or negligence, J'Olie et Co. not liable for any consequential and / or trading loss (caused by improper use, among other things), or items with defects. J’Olie et Co. is not liable for any damage caused by the website or store location not accessible and / or unavailable for orders. The Buyer is responsible for the choice, use and application of the items ordered from j'Olie et Co .. j'Olie et Co. provides product information for the purpose of the Agreement as much as is reasonably possible.

Art. 9 Delivery
All packages are packaged discreetly and usually delivered by regular postal delivery via PostNL. j’Olie et Co. strives for a delivery period of a maximum of 15 working days for the goods from the Agreement, after receipt of payment, for the Netherlands. If between the Buyer and j'Olie et Co. has agreed to dispatch the goods cash on delivery, J'Olie et Co. make this known to the customer in writing. If the delivery of the agreed goods cannot take place as shown on the invoice, J'Olie et Co. reserves the right at all times to charge the costs incurred to the Buyer, unless there is gross negligence or negligence on the part of j'Olie et Co ..

Extra costs involved in the delivery of the goods from the Agreement, expressly incurred at the Buyer's request, will be charged separately, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the parties. j’Olie et Co. cannot be held liable for loss of the goods from the Agreement due to the actions of the carrier. j’Olie et Co. cannot be held liable for loss of the goods under the Agreement due to the actions of the carrier.

Art. 10 Complaints, Right of Withdrawal and Returns
Art. 10 - Sub 1 Complaints
If the delivered goods do not meet the expectations of the buyer, and as a result has a complaint about these delivered goods, the buyer is expected to contact j'Olie et Co. in the first instance by e-mail or telephone. After receiving the complaint, J'Olie et Co will handle the complaint carefully and answer it within 24 hours of receiving the complaint. J'Olie et Co will immediately, in the correct manner, perform the Agreement, subject to the possibility of fulfillment within the sphere of risk of j'Olie et Co.

If the buyer and j'Olie et Co do not reach an agreement between themselves, this to the satisfaction of both parties, the buyer has the option to report his / her complaint to Stichting Webwinkelkeur (www.webwinkelkeur.nl). Oil et Co. In the event that intervention by Stichting Webwinkelkeur does not lead to an agreement to the satisfaction of both parties, there is also the option of having the complaint handled by an independent disputes committee appointed by Stichting Webwinkelkeur. The ruling hereof is binding and both Buyer and J'Olie et Co agree with this binding ruling. There are costs associated with submitting a dispute to this disputes committee, which must be paid by the buyer to the relevant committee. It is also possible to register complaints via the European ODR Platform (http://ec.europa.eu/odr).

Art. 10 Sub 2. Revocation
The buyer has the right to cancel his / her order or purchase within 14 days, without giving reasons. The buyer is expected to inform j'Olie et Co of this by e-mail (info@jolieetco.com), whether or not using a model form made available by j'Olie et Co on the web shop. J'Olie et Co undertakes, after the withdrawal date, to transfer the full purchase amount including shipping costs back to the buyer. After reporting his / her intention to return the order, the buyer also has 14 days to actually return his / her received order to j'Olie et Co. The buyer bears the costs for return shipment.

Art. 10 Sub 2.a Exceptions
The right of withdrawal is excluded for: products with a seal, or products that cannot be returned after opening for hygienic reasons, such as opened bottles of Hydrosols or (CBD) Oil, opened packages of CBD Capsules.

Art. 10 Sub 3 Returns
If delivery is not made to the Buyer in accordance with the Agreement, the Buyer is entitled to return the relevant goods to j'Olie et Co .. The costs for such return shipment will be borne by j'Olie et Co .. The Buyer is obliged pack the goods to be returned properly. When returning the shipment, the Buyer must state the nature of the complaints in writing. j’Olie et Co. will, after receipt of the returned goods, as soon as possible, correctly fulfill the Agreement, subject to the possibility of fulfillment within the scope of j'Olie et Co .. If fulfillment is no longer possible, j ' Oil et Co. refund the payment made by the Buyer, subject to any damage to the returned goods.

Art. 11 Risks
Destruction, loss, theft or depreciation of what has been agreed at the risk of j'Olie et Co. until the moment of delivery, and at the risk of the Buyer after the moment of delivery. Buyer must inform your oil and co. to notify immediately if the goods are seized or if in any other way property rights of j'Olie et Co. are likely to be harmed. As long as ownership of the items is held by j'Olie et Co. is reluctant, j'Olie et Co. entitled to return the goods to the Buyer. The costs involved are for the account of the Buyer if this is within the risk sphere of the Buyer. The Buyer must do this for your oil et Co. grant access to the location of the items in question.

Art. 12 Governing Law
Dutch law is exclusively applicable to every agreement, quotation and offer. All disputes related to an Agreement will be settled exclusively by the Dutch court. In principle, disputes must be submitted to the competent court in The Hague.

Art. 13 Privacy statement
The "type" of Buyer's personal data will be limited to that which j'Olie et Co. necessary for the delivery of the goods, invoicing and other fulfillment obligations under the Agreement. The personal data is collected in order to be able to deliver the Buyer's order. In case of doubt, an order will be verified by telephone for fulfillment, including invoicing, by j'Olie et Co. possible. The address details are intended for the carrier of the agreed goods, to ensure correct delivery. After the goods have been delivered and the Buyer has fulfilled his obligations, the personal data will be destroyed and only those data will be retained that are used for the accounting of j'Olie et Co. of interest. Personal data is never provided to third parties. The e-mail address that the Buyer provides for the purpose of the Agreement, mailing list and / or competition, will be included in the mailing list of j'Olie et Co. If the Buyer does not wish this, the Buyer can unsubscribe by e-mail. email to j'Olie et Co. The Buyer can only influence the mailing list by subscribing or unsubscribing. j’Olie et Co. only has insight into the personal data that is sent via regular e-mail. Only employees of j'Olie et Co. have access to this data. The Purchaser may purchase the goods at j’Olie et Co. request and / or change the information it provides.

Art. 14 Disclaimer
Although J'Olie et Co. takes the utmost care in the content of its website and the General Terms and Conditions, j'Olie et Co. no liability for incompleteness or inaccuracy of the information, or for the consequences thereof. When using the hyperlinks (referral to other websites), j'Olie et Co. no liability whatsoever for the information provided on these sites. J'Olie et Co. no liability for any damage that may arise as a result.

Bergschenhoek - the Netherands, March 2020

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