Tonka Beans

The smell of Tonka beans is soft and warm and a little spicy

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Variatie: Tonka Beans
Tonka Beans
Labdanum Bladeren
Palo Santo
Incense sticks Sandalwood
Rose Petals
Sandalwood Powder
Woestijn salie
Orange blossom petals
Cadarwood chips
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Tonka Beans

Product description

Tonka beans
Latin Name: Dipteryx odorata

Love - happiness
With a delicate, sweet, warm, cheerful and Venusian scent, they have a harmonizing and mood-enhancing effect. Hardly any other fragrance exudes such a positive, golden atmosphere in spores. The best way to smoke is to grate the beans with a grated nutmeg.

Category: Fragrant woods and herbs
Comes in a pouch of 50 grams

Tonka Beans:
  • The Tonka bean scent is delicate, sweet, warm, cheerful and Venusian
  • Has a harmonizing and mood-enhancing effect
  • Hardly any other fragrance conveys such a positive, golden atmosphere
  • As a whole bean it is worn as an amulet for luck, money and love
  • It can be buried in the ground as a wish bean
  • For smoking on charcoal or sieve


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Tonka Beans
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