Charcoal tablets 3,3 cm

Resins and incense are burned on charcoal.

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Variatie: Charcoal tablets 3,3 cm
Charcoal tablets 3,3 cm
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Charcoal tablets 3,3 cm

Product description

Charcoal tablets

Resins and incense are burned on charcoal. The easiest for this is the quick igniter smoke barrel charcoal. It is easy to use because - once lit - it ignites itself. But here, too, we should make sure that the coal gets enough air all around during the ignition process.

Diameter: Ø 3,3 cm
One roll contains of 10 tablets
  • Rapid detonator
  • Once lit - the coal will ignite itself
  • Ideal for burning resins and herbs


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Anita 01-12-2023 10:58 Fijn dat deze bijbesteld kunnen worden! De kooltjes doen precies zoals beschreven!

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Charcoal tablets 3,3 cm
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