Amber Pure Resin

Amber is fossilized resin from coniferous trees.

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Variatie: Amber Pure Resin
Amber Pure Resin
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Amber Pure Resin

Product description

Amber - Pure Resin
Latin name: Sucinum

Protection - old knowledge
Amber has the power of ancient wisdom.

Amber has a long history not only as a jewel, but also as a medicine. The Greeks and Romans already believed in the beneficial power of fossilized resin, and in the Middle Ages amber was ground in pharmacies into powder and put into ointments and drops. These agents have been used for migraines, lung diseases and paralysis.

However, this is outdated, now amber is used against gout and rheumatism. Succinic acid is used in various medicines. Since the 19th century, amber has also been used in cosmetic products and in varnish or lacquer.

It has a liberating effect, resolves deep-seated fears and helps us to let go of negative emotions. It touches our hearts and brings us new energy and momentum. Our own old knowledge can reveal itself again.

The scent is balsamic, resinous and a bit harsh at times.

Comes in a transparent glass jar of 60 ml

  • A resinous scent that appears partly piney, partly heavy and myrrh-like
  • Is an interesting mix of sunny, positive and serious, focused energy
  • Amber was revered as the gold of the north in ancient times
  • Is ideal for processing and integrating old topics
  • For smoking on charcoal and sieve


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Amber Pure Resin
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