Greek Mastic - Tears 1st choice

Greek Mastic is the resin (tears) that comes from the mastic tree Pistacia lentiscu

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Variatie: Greek Mastic - Tears 1st choice
Greek Mastic - Tears 1st choice
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Greek Mastic - Tears 1st choice

Product description

Greek Mastic - tears
Latin Name: Pistacia lentiscus

The scent of Greek gods! Delicious and uplifting

Concentration - mental clarification
Cleanses and clears the atmosphere and our thoughts so that we can see clearly. It helps to resolve our distractions and makes us focus. It also promotes clairvoyance and the subtle sense of energies.

It exudes a soft resinous, fresh lemon scent.

Comes in a transparent glass jar of 60 ml

Greek Mastic:
  • Despite its intensity, mastic smells fine and balsamic
  • The smoke from the mastic noticeably increases the vibration of the room
  • Has a cleansing, clarifying and balancing effect
  • For smoking on charcoal and sieve


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Greek Mastic - Tears 1st choice
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