Benzoin Siam Almonds

Benzoin is the main ingredient of incense sticks.

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Variatie: Benzoin Siam Almonds
Benzoin Siam Almonds
Benzoin Sumatra Almonds
Charcoal tablets 2.7 cm
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Benzoin Siam Almonds

Product description

Benzoin Siam - Pure resin
Latin name: Styrax benzoin

Love - Opens the heart
Benzoin Siam exudes a unique vanilla-like sweet scent. It has a balsamic, loving and heart-opening effect.

The fragrance is attractive and leads us to a deep sense of security.
There we can let go and open our hearts.

Comes in a transparent glass jar 60 ml

Benzoin Siam:
  • When smoked, this resin spreads a balsamic, slightly resinous vanilla scent
  • The fragrance stays in the room for a long time
  • Has a relaxing, calming and opening effect
  • Ideal for evening smoking, it opens the heart
  • For smoking on charcoal and sieve


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Benzoin Siam Almonds
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