Olibanum Eritrea

Olibanum Eritrea is the real incense

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Variatie: Olibanum Eritrea
Olibanum Eritrea
Olibanum Somalia
Berk geschenkdoos - 12 harssoorten
Olibanum India - Pure Resin
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Olibanum Eritrea

Product description

Resin Olibanum Erithrea
Latin name: Boswellia carteri

Cleaning - centering
The classic incense. In ancient times it was used for sacred purposes to immerse yourself in the realm of the divine. It has a centering and relaxing effect on the mind.
It is considered one of the strongest atmospheric cleaners.

The scent is enchanting balsamic with a hint of citrus.

Comes in a transparent glass jar of 60 ml


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Olibanum Eritrea
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