Perger Meditation Candle - Large

Perger meditation candle, this special beeswax candle is enriched with the essential oil of honey. The scent of this meditation candle is unprecedented.

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Variatie: Perger Meditation Candle - Large
Perger Meditation Candle - Large
Insence burner | Flower
Perger Meditation Candle - Medium
Incense Burner - Healing hand
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Perger Meditation Candle - Large

Product description

Perger Meditation Candle - Large

The Perger family has been making candles from the finest beeswax by hand since 1757 in a loving collaboration with Slovenian bees. The beeswax is also enriched with an essential honey oil, which the family produces itself. 800 liters of honey are needed for one liter of this oil. The shape is enhanced by fine leaf yarn. The scent of these candles is simply enchanting ...

Even if you don't light it and just leave it in the room, it will fill the whole room with it after a short while.

They have something "sacred" about them - it is as if their existence creates a channel in heaven. And so, it is not surprising that His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the venerable Sai Baba, and Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI, among others, have a Perger candles.

All Perger products come in a noble, gold-colored gift box with a detailed description.

Energetic peace candle "Triglav" - medium
This shape symbolizes the three sanctities of the universe. Body - soul - spirit / father - son - holy spirit This candle contains a vibration that guides us to inner peace and pure love. It illuminates and cleans the atmosphere of the room and fills it with love.

Sai Baba said to the Triglav candle:
“When you light the Triglav candle, you become aware of the divine game in order to recognize yourself in the game. 1. Truth, 2. Doing justice, 3. Love for all living things, 4. Nonviolence, 5. Peace”

Approx. ø 5 cm, h: 9.7 cm


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Perger Meditation Candle - Large
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