Insence burner | Flower

Resin, incense, propolis burner

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Variatie: Insence burner | Flower
Insence burner | Flower
Perger Meditation Candle - Medium
Incense Burner - Healing hand
Perger Meditation Candle - Large
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Insence burner | Flower

Product description

Resin, incense, propolis burner

An easy way to burn incense, resins and propolis (less smoke) is to burn it over a tea light. Instead of using charcoal. In this resin, incense or propolis burner, you place a tea light at the bottom, the resin, incense or propolis you place on the metal sieve. You can still place aluminum foil under the sieve, so that you do not have to clean the burner after use. The sieve comes with a brush to clean the sieve after use.

Material: clay, the sieve and brush are made of high-quality steel

Dimensions: height 8.5 cm, Ø about 8 cm, the metal sieve is Ø 6 cm

Delivery includes stainless steel smoke strainer and small stainless-steel brush

TIP: The sieve after use (cooled) in a plastic bag in the freezer, also quickly dissolves cleaning, because after freezing the resin or propolis residues are easy to remove.


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Insence burner | Flower
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