Essential oil is a volatile (rapidly evaporating) oil extracted from plants through steam distillation or CO2 extraction. Citrus essential oils are obtained by cold pressing the peel, so that these oils retain their fresh fruit scent. Due to the evaporation or inhalation process, the fragrance of the oil is very perceptible. Essential oils can be used in different ways. For example, some oils are good for skin care, others have a positive effect on the airways or have a positive effect on your mood, feeling or mood.

Absolute Oils Absolute Oils
Absolute Oils

Unique and special absolutes and essential oils for connoisseurs, gourmets, connoisseurs, enthusiasts and the better perfumers who use unique absolutes or essential oils.

Essential Oil Blends Essential Oil Blends
Essential Oil Blends

Our blends are subtle and refined, composed of 100% pure essential oils.

Essential Oil Blend Gift Essential Oil Blend Gift
Essential Oil Blend Gift

Give yourself a fantastic gift! Whether you're traveling, want to stay sharp, relax, or just enjoy life. Our essential oil blend gifts are made for every moment. A nice gift, also for family or friends!

Essential Oils j'Olie et Co Essential Oils j'Olie et Co
Essential Oils j'Olie et Co

Our essential oils have been selected with the utmost care and knowledge. Distilled from only fresh flowers, plants, or parts thereof, roots, resins or cold-pressed from fruit. Our essential oils have no preservatives added, are 100% organic

Essential Oil Samples Essential Oil Samples
Essential Oil Samples

Would you like to try or test an essential oil? j'Olie et Co Aromatherapy offers a great solution for this! Discover your favorite essential oil and buy essential oil samples.

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Siberian Fir | organic | 10ml.

Like other conifer oils, Siberian Fir Essential Oil has an affinity both for assisting the lungs and complaints of sore bodies.



Spikenard | Organic

Spikenard oil is often used in perfumes and relaxing massage oils because of its woody, musky scent.



Sweet Basil ct. Linalool | organic | 10ml.

Basil Essential Oil has a wide array of applications from sharpening the mental state to relieving fatigue.



Sweet Orange | organic | 10ml.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil is often used when looking to reduce minor pain and inflammation as well as reduce the presence of unwanted...



Tea Tree | Organic | 10ml.

Tea Tree oil is one of the most well-known essential oils for purification and cleansing and effectively supports the immune system...



Vetiver | organic | 10ml.

Used in liniments and massage oils, Vetiver Oil promotes comfort and assists the joints.



Wild Orange | Citrus sinensis

Orange oil can have a mood-boosting effect on the mind. The fragrance spreads the feeling of summer, joie de vivre and lightness....



Yarrow | Organic

This essential oil is also fantastic for skin support as it is cooling and so welcome for irritated conditions.



Ylang Ylang Complete | organic | 10ml.

In aromatherapy, there is no better expression of this sensual flower than in the wide spectrum of therapeutic and aromatic possibilities...


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j'Olie et Co Aromatherapy is a Dutch company that only offers carefully selected natural products. Our essential oils do not contain any preservatives, are 100% organic and are of excellent quality.

Why essential oil?

Essential oils have several benefits. Due to the great diversity in types of oils, there are logically many purposes. You can also use the essential oils to improve the air quality in your home. It can have a relaxing or activating effect in the bath and is extremely suitable to use as an addition to an organic carrier oil for a soothing massage.

Vibrant, pure, natural and 100% organic essential oils, you will find them at j'Olie et Co Aromatherapy.

“Experience the fabulous scent and effect of our organic oils.”


Using essential fragrance oil

Essential oils can be used in different ways, depending on the nature of the product. One oil is good for the skin, the other for the respiratory tract. In addition, there are a number of uses with essential oils:

1. Essential oil diffuser
The evaporation of the oil creates a very pleasant smell which is good for our respiratory tract.

2. Essential oil bath
Essential oil is excellent to use in the bath. Just like vaporizing, a wonderful and relaxing scent is created.

3. Essential massage oil
Because essential oil is a lipophilic liquid, it is absorbed through different layers in the skin.


Buy essential oil at j'Olie et Co

All our oils are gas chromatographically tested, have the ECOCERT seal. You can also directly download an analysis of the essential oils per product. So that it is transparent in advance what you are buying. Our labels comply with the European Community rules for pure aromatherapy products with concise information such as expiration date, scientific names, origin, allergens, and contraindications. A leaflet is supplied as standard.

At j'Olie et Co we find it extremely important that our products are organic and of excellent quality. Our oils are of course not tested on animals. With our products we ensure that you will enjoy the pure and healthy world of aromatherapy, which gives peace of mind to your well-being and health.

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