Dragon's Blood - Powder

In the Canary Islands, the Dragon's Blood Tree played an important role in the religious life of the original inhabitants, the Guanches.

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Variatie: Dragon's Blood - Powder
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Product description

Resin - Dragon's Blood Powder
Latin name: Resina draconis

Protection - grounding
The deep red resin of the dragon blood family has an earthy effect, stabilizes the root chakra and surrounds us with a protective shield against negative energies. It gives us dragon power, promotes clear decisions, and helps us get into the here and now.

The scent of dragon's blood is spicy and a little serious.

Comes in a transparent glass jar of 30 ml

Dragon Blood:
  • Develops a bitter, spicy scent when smoked
  • Used for rituals that can neutralize very negative energie
  • Dragon's Blood is said to enhance the cleansing effects of frankincense
  • For smoking on coals and sieve

Note: Close the jar carefully after use, otherwise the powder may draw moisture and harden.


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Dragon's Blood - Powder
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