j'Olie et Co Aromatherapy offers its customers a wide range of payment options. Some for use in a specific country such as iDeal for the Netherlands, some for international use such as PayPal.

Pay securely through your own bank via Sisow Payments
Buckaroo, former Sisow, is a Dutch payment provider that offers a large number of payment methods. You can choose from several methods depending on the country where they are available:
  • iDeal (QR)
  • Bank transfer
  • Bancontact/MisterCash
  • Sofort Banking
  • PayPal

You can find Buckaroo's privacy statement here ...

Collect orders
Exclusively for students of FytArom School for Aromatherapy, we have the option to pick up an order, for example during one of the class days. Customers who do not follow a study at FytArom School for Aromatherapy cannot use of this option.

Payment in advance to our bank account
You can also transfer the amount of your order yourself in advance to our bank account. Your order will then be shipped the same day or the next working day after receipt of your payment.

The bank account number is NL88RABO0159248221 attn. j'Olie et Co Aromatherapy, Bergschenhoek, Netherlands
The BIC code for international payments is: RABONL2U

VAT free for delivery within the EU?
If you have a company in the EU, without a branch in the Netherlands, you can receive VAT-free (intra-Community) delivery.

A number of things are important for this:
  • Your company is active and has an active registration in the trade register.
  • Your registration can be found on the VAT validation site
  • The billing address is the same as the address on
  • Your company does not have a branch in the Netherlands.
  • The delivery address is also outside the Netherlands.
  • You have your order delivered (not picked up yourself).
If you meet these standard requirements, enter your VAT number and company name and you will automatically shop VAT-free.

Your order is automatically business and does not resort under consumer law (including the right to cancellation and return).

If you enter an inactive VAT number, you are still obliged to pay the VAT. (21% on almost all products and 9% on some). Your order will then wait until the VAT has been paid. If you cancel the order, we can charge cancellation costs of a maximum of € 10, - excl. VAT.