Frankincense | Organic | 100 ml

Can be used as a wound spray and mouthwash for gum infections.

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Variatie: Frankincense | Organic | 100 ml
Wierook (Frankincense) Hydrolaat
Wierook Carterii CO2-se Extract 10ml
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Wierook (Frankincense) Hydrolaat

Product description

Latin Name: Boswellia carterii

Comes in a blue glass bottle of 100ml with screw cap.
An optional pump nozzle is available.

Product information:

Germany Wild 100%
Does not
Resin Refrigerated Edible

Properties: Anti rheumatic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, expectorant, healing and cell renewal.

Applications: Can be used as a wound spray. As a mouthwash for gingivitis. Compress for eczema. Has a very expectorant effect and reduces swollen mucous membranes. Has been used for a long time in Ayurveda for respiratory diseases. An anti-aging effect can be expected with cosmetic use. Excellent for acne and oily skin.

Allergy information (%): Well tolerated, with normal use, no allergic reactions are to be expected.

Globally determined constituents: Little or no scientifically substantiated information is available.
For exact composition, request the analysis when purchasing.

ATTENTION: Do not use internally during pregnancy or if you want to have children, on babies and children up to 5 years.

NOTE: properties and use are taken from books and/or websites about hydrosol therapy and aromatherapy. This information is confirmed by a large number of observations in scientific circles. 
This is for informational purposes only; it is not medical information. Use and applications are outside the responsibility of j’Olie et Co. Before using hydrosols for therapeutic purposes, consult a physician or a trained Aromatherapist


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Frankincense | Organic | 100 ml
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