Online Course Hydrolats "ROOS"

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Variatie: Online Course Hydrolats "ROOS"
Online Course Hydrolats "ROOS"
Online Course Hydrolats "CORNFLOWER"
Online Course Hydrolats "HELICHRYSUM"
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Online Course Hydrolats "ROOS"

Product description

Online Course Hydrolats “ROSE”

Online Course in a group with a two-hour presentation online, in-depth knowledge of the teaching material, a one-time question and answer session AND a Practice Day from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at the lesson location of FytArom in Bergschenhoek.

The practical day will be completely dominated by hydrolats. We are going to make a cream, a Body Butter, and a Face serum. And we have a tasting of different culinary uses.

If you make products yourself, this is a unique opportunity to make your products even more effective!

Start: Mid quarter of 4-2022. Date will be announced later, but reservations can be made!

The following parts are included:

  • Access to student portal where you can download the two written lessons;
  • Includes recipes for therapeutic, cosmetic and culinary uses;
  • More than 30 different hydrolats are covered in the two lessons;
  • You will receive an extensive hydrolat profile of 12 hydrolats;
  • A two-hour presentation, via Zoom, as an in-depth look at the teaching material;
  • Presentation is scheduled from 7pm to 9pm;
  • An online question and answer session from 7.30pm to 9.00pm;
  • PLUS PRACTICE DAY from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (*) - maximum 7 participants;
  • You will receive a “Certificate of Participation” on the practice day.

This very extensive online course, like the online courses “Cornflower” and “Helichrysum”, has been compiled by FytArom School for Aromatherapy in collaboration with j'Olie et Co Aromatherapy. Janet Nienhuis (owner and senior teacher of FytArom, certified Aromatherapist, Phytotherapist, and Massage Therapist) is the great strength and initiator of this online course. The lessons of FytArom are not only based on the current state of the art, but are also practice, and experience-oriented, and empirically and clinically substantiated.

Hydrolats are by definition the product of steam distillation of fresh plant material. Hydrolats contain water-soluble, volatile plant components, rich in water-soluble components and -practically- free of lipophilic substances such as terpene hydrocarbons. The smell and taste are determined by the water-soluble, hydrophilic components of the plant in the hydrolat. It is distillate water that is the water-soluble parts of a plant and contains a multitude of active ingredients.

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Place this online course in the shopping cart, follow the order process and complete it with your payment. As soon as we have received your registration, you will receive a standard confirmation from j'Olie et Co. You will then receive an e-mail from FytArom with information about your access to the student portal and download instructions.


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Online Course Hydrolats "ROOS"
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