Essential oils are 100% organic oils known for their wonderful and relaxing aroma. In addition, there are many other benefits of essential oils. Depending on the oil, an essential oil diffuser also offers mental and physical benefits. This way it calms the feelings and stimulates a better night's sleep.


Ma Maison Aroma Diffuser Black

With the Ma Maison Aroma Diffuser, you can create your own personal and comfortable atmosphere in every room.



Ma Maison Aroma Diffuser White

With the Ma Maison Aroma Diffuser, you can create your own personal and comfortable atmosphere in every room.



Mistilia Aroma diffuser

Mistilia is a portable ultrasonic diffuser of essential oils AND hydrosols.



Octalia Aroma Diffuser

Octalia: Practical, durable, and bright, this portable essential oil diffuser is the one that’ll get you addicted to aromatherapy.



Retro Aroma Diffuser Black

The Retro Aroma Diffuser is wireless and can be used anywhere.



Retro Aroma Diffuser White

The Retro Aroma Diffuser is wireless and can be used anywhere.


At j'Olie et Co Aromatherapy we only have carefully selected natural products in our range. By choosing the right aroma diffuser and using it in the right way you will discover the best possible aromatherapy experience.

The ultrasonic diffuser versus the nebulizing diffuser

With an ultrasonic diffuser, the essential oils are mixed with water and used when cold. Thus, the mixture generates a mist via the ultrasonic activation, in which the components of the oil are dispersed. While using a nebulizer, the essential oils are subjected to strong pressure in shrinking tubes. When the pressure reaches its peak, it is released as very fine droplets that disperse into the air in millions of droplets.

The ultrasonic aroma diffuser is used for decorative purposes to create a mood, while the nebulizer is used in health care and aromatherapy as it does not damage the molecules in the essential oils.


Benefits of the aroma diffuser

An aroma diffuser ensures that the scent of essential oils is spread through the rooms in a pleasant and soothing way. And that has several advantages:

The scent diffuser smells wonderful
Thanks to the aroma diffuser, your rooms smell wonderful. Due to the wide choice of essential oils, different scents are available.

The aroma diffuser increases the humidity
A diffuser ensures that the air will no longer be dry. The advantages? Less likely to experience dry eyes, dry lips, or headaches.

The aroma diffuser provides relaxation
The soothing and delicious scent has a relaxing effect. It ensures that you relax.

The aroma diffuser provides a stronger immune system
By turning on your aroma diffuser several times a day for half an hour with, for example, evaporating the Just Breathe blend or Eucalyptus oil, you help protect against a cold.

The aroma diffuser ensures an improved night's sleep
You can turn on a diffuser in the bedroom half an hour before you go to sleep. By using the right oils such as the Nighty Night blend, you will fall asleep more calmly and relaxed.


Buy an aroma diffuser

The evaporation of the essential oil with an aroma diffuser is very environmentally friendly. Small vibrations create a cold atomization that strongly spreads the scent of the essential oil. Its use has a positive effect on the airways or a positive influence on your mood, feeling or mood.

At j'Olie et Co we find it extremely important that our products are organic and of excellent quality. Our aroma diffusers are specially aimed at enhancing the scents of essential oils. Thanks to our products, we ensure that you enjoy the pure and healthy world of aromatherapy. This will contribute to your well-being and health.

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