Fragrant assortment of seven different herbs and woods

Fragrant assortment of seven different herbs and woods

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Fragrant assortment of seven different herbs and woods

Product description

Fragrant assortment of seven different herbs and woods

The package contains seven different types of wood / herbs; Patchouli leaf (25 grams), Cedar wood chips fine (25 grams), Juniper needles ground (50 grams), Neem leaves (25 grams), Palo Santo (50 grams) and Sandalwood finely ground (20 grams), Styrax tree bark (50 grams).

Styrax tree bark - Liquidambar orientalis
Smells sweet with a hint of exotic sensuality. Styrax is perfect for creating a romantic, sensitive and affectionate atmosphere. It dissolves sadness and negative thoughts.

Patchouli Leaf - Pogostemon patchouli
Patchouli is one of the most famous and popular aphrodisiac fragrances. It is grown in parts of East, South East and South Asia. Patchouli smells sultry and has an earthy feel to it but is still capable of seduction. It connects us breathtakingly with our own sensuality and the extravagant vibrancy of Mother Nature.

Sandalwood - Santalum Album
Is an evergreen tree. Only the core of the wood is used for incense burning. Sandalwood provides the raw material for the production of the most valuable sandalwood essential oil and also for the artistic creation of aromatic, fine artisan carvings. The scent of Sandalwood is relaxing and at the same time gently energizing. It hushes our thoughts and creates an atmosphere for achieving inner peace and a meditative state. Sandalwood cools fiery energy and transforms it into subtle serenity. It is a traditional belief in India that negative spirits are afraid of sandalwood and that these negative spirits never enter a place that has the scent of sandalwood.

Cedar wood - Cedrus
In many cultures, the cedar is considered a Tree of God. Its shape, its height, and it’s very intense fragrance expresses a greatness often associated with the splendor of heaven. Since the cedar is so grand, pure and almost untouchable, it is often burned for protection. In addition, it supports initiative, courage, respect, fame, prosperity and happiness in general.

Palo Santo - Bursera graveolens
Palo Santo grows in Peru. It is said to be a strong tree that thrives in harsh conditions. The Bursera family also produces a resin, which is quite similar to Copal and is so often called. Palo Santo wood is rich in resin and smells wonderfully sweet with a hint of coconut, but in the end, you cannot really compare the scent with another scent. It is burned to deepen spiritual moments, meditation and contemplation. It helps to scare the negative frequencies. For South America Palo Santo has the same meaning as sandalwood for Asia. It is one of the world's royal incense treasures.

Take Leaves - Melia Azadirachta
This is a very famous tree that grows in India. It is a large, evergreen tree with a compact structure. Which can reach a height of about 10 meters with a width of about 2-3 meters. The tree grows wild on the Dekkan plateau but is also cultivated all over India. The seeds contain a large amount of oil known as Margosa or Neem oil. In Ayurvedic, neem tree leaf is considered as an atmosphere cleanser.

Juniper needles - Juniperus communis
All parts of the juniper can be used for burning as incense. The berry provides the most intense aromatic scent. The needles are lighter and woody in smell. Just like the berries, the scent is spicy, the scent gives energy.


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Fragrant assortment of seven different herbs and woods
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