Palo Santo Sticks - rough

Palo Santo is also known as the sacred wood

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Variatie: Palo Santo Sticks - rough
Palo Santo Sticks - rough
Palo Santo chips - rough
Palo Santo chips - fine
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Palo Santo Sticks - rough

Product description

Palo Santo
Latin name: Bursera graveolens
Palo Santo is also called the sacred wood.

Relaxation - meditation
Palo Santo smells wonderfully sweet, with a hint of coconut. It is smoked to deepen spiritual moments, meditation and contemplation. It helps dissipate negative vibrations and strange energies.

To South America, Palo Santo is what sandalwood is to Asia. One of the Truly Royal Incense Treasures in the World!

Category: Fragrant woods and herbs
Comes in a pouch with 5 sticks

Palo Santo:
  • Smells wonderfully sweet, with a hint of coconut
  • Elevates the soul and can therefore be used to aid meditation
  • Helps to dissipate negative vibrations and energy
  • For smoking on charcoal or sieve


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Palo Santo Sticks - rough
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