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Le Connoisseur Oils


Le Connoisseur - Essentia Nobilis

Unique and special absolute and essential oils.

Essentia Nobilis offers the finest, and very special essential and absolute oils. Oils that are not only special, but also unique, rarely available and of unparalleled quality.

There are 4 different types of essential oils of orange, namely 
wild orangesweet orangeblood orange and bitter orange. As well as 3 types of mandarin, mandarin deliciosayellow mandarin and green mandarin. But also white rose, rose damascena and rose de mai.

Absolutes of Essentia Nobilis

First thing that comes in mind are substances like Hexane and Butane, as a result aromatherapists do not, or rarely use absolutes. Fortunately, developments are evolving, and extraction methods have now been developed without hexane and butane. With this development, the use of absolutes is no longer preserved to perfumers.
Absolutes is still a multi-stage process, therefore obtaining an absolute is very expensive in terms of labor. In addition, flowers are used for absolutes, which in many cases are harvested manually on a very small scale.
The new extraction process is based on the old enfleurage process. Instead of lard, deodorized coconut oil is used. This very gentle method extracts the oil from the precious flowers. Then alcohol is used as a solvent to separate the oils from the deodorized coconut fat. All substances involved in this extraction process are certified organic. The final bio-available essence is extracted without additional heat. The complex and special aroma of these absolutes is therefore comparable to the original plant material.

What can I do with it as an aromatherapist?
The absolutes are precious, therefore experts like Jonathan Benavides proceed as follows. He will fill a small bottle (10ml) with a carrier oil such as Sesame oil. To this he adds a maximum of 3 to 5 drops of the absolute. Then gives this composition time to develop, at least a month. After that, this composition is great to use, drop by drop in, for example, an inhalation stick.

We are one of the few in Europe that have Narcissus Jonquil, Osmanthus and Frangipani in our range.

Essentia Nobilis and j’Olie et Co Aromatherapy cordially invite you to get acquainted with these wonderful products.

Must-have Oils 

As the name suggests, oils classified under the category “Le ConnoisseuR” are for gourmets, connoisseurs, and unique essential oil lovers.

These oils are best used for body care and aromatherapy because of the “vibrancy” of the ingredients. Perfumers who want to create organic perfumes will love these oils.

And not only for therapeutic applications, but also for the better perfumer. Even if you want to spoil yourself, these are of course also absolute "must-have" oils.

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