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Sesame Carrier Oil | j'Olie et Co Aromatherapy

Sesame Oil - 250ml.

Sesame oil is a semi-drying, blood circulation stimulating and slightly warming oil, which is experienced as soothing during a massage.

Price per 250ml
Variatie: Sesame Oil - 250ml.
Sesam Olie - 250ml
Sesam Olie - 100ml
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Sesam Olie - 250ml

Product description

Sesame Oil (deodorized)

Latin name: Sesamum indicum

Plant Part  : Seeds
Process production : Cold pressing
Hallmark/Certification : Organic + AB
Origin  : France
Botanical name : Sesamum indicum
Edible  : No
Fragrance : Neutral
Color  : Yellow
Content  : 250 ml
Brand  : j'Olie et Co

About Sesame Oil
Sesame is widely grown in warm and tropical regions of Asia and southern Africa. In addition, sesame is grown on a smaller scale in China, Japan, and the Mediterranean. The sesame is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world. The seeds are pressed and contain a non-volatile oil. The first cold pressing gives the best oil. The oil is light yellow in color, neutral in taste and strong in smell. The so-called Chinese or dark sesame oil is extracted from roasted sesame seeds. This oil is suitable for culinary use and is popular in Asian and Indian cuisine. The seed, the so-called sesame seed, is also used in cooking, especially in Japan and India.

Properties: Sesame oil is a semi-drying, blood circulation-promoting and slightly warming oil, which is experienced as soothing during a massage. Sesame oil restores the skin, is detoxifying and promotes the elasticity of the skin. In addition, sesame has a UV-protective factor (factor 3-4). Sesame oil is an excellent oil to use as a carrier/carrier oil for other medicinal substances due to its slightly warming effect and high oleic acid content. Due to the relatively long shelf life of sesame oil and the high content of oleic acid, sesame oil is also a very good oil for drawing oil macerates.

The oil rarely goes rancid, as sesame oil naturally contains preservatives such as vitamin E, sterols, and phenolic vessels. The seeds contain 50-60% oil. The culinary variant of the oil, in which the sesame is roasted beforehand, has a strong nutty flavor as well as taste. In addition, it is dark in color.

Application: Sesame oil is an ideal massage oil for young and old. Because of the blood circulation-promoting effect, this oil is especially suitable for skin that tends to atrophy, muscle pain and cramps. Due to the warming effect, a great oil to use for crying babies with, for example, stomach cramps and restlessness.

Use: Sesame oil can be used for inflamed skin, psoriasis, eczema and other skin complaints.

Shelf life: up to 1.5 years after opening.
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