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Enfleurage Screens - Set of 3 screens

Enfleurage Screens - Set of 3 screens

Capturing the "scent from flowers"

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Enfleurage Screens - Set of 3 screens

Product description

Enfleurage Screens - Set of 3

Enfleurage, capturing fragrance from flowers.
The "scent from flowers" of flowers that normally do not give off their scent during steam distillation. You also use organic deodorized coconut oil.

Enfleurage is a method of extracting very fine blossom oil that is difficult to isolate, such as cannot be achieved by steam distillation. Think, for example, of Orange Blossom, Magnolia, Lilac, Hyacinth and Lily of the Valley.

The delicate, freshly picked blossoms are placed separately next to each other on a glass plate. Deodorized coconut oil is applied to an opposite glass plate. Depending on the fragrance strength of the blossom and the fragrance result you want to achieve, fresh blossoms are placed (replaced) at least 5 times until the coconut oil is saturated with the essential oil of the blossoms.

The end result is a biological enfleurage, without negative further chemical processing.

4 mm toughened glass
Untreated spruce wood

Per set of 3 screens

Approx. 30 x 30 centimeters

Additional information:
In addition to the set of enfleurage screens, j’Olie et Co supplies an extensive user manual!

Screens are also supplied per piece.
Convinient when a screen of your set breaks or if you want to expand.
Select your extra screen at attributes

As far as known, Enfleurage screens are not offered in the Netherlands.
If you order now you can be sure that you are one of the few owners of a set of enfleurage screens!


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Enfleurage Screens - Set of 3 screens
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