Geranium Roseum | Organic | 100 ml

Geranium hydrolat is an active ingredient in care creams and milks, lotions or in cleansing lotions. But also as a serum for your face.

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Variatie: Geranium Roseum | Organic | 100 ml
Geranium Roseum Hydrolaat
Geranium essentiele olie
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Latin name: Pelargonium graveolens azoricum

Comes in a cobalt blue labeled glass bottle.
A pump atomizer can be ordered as an option.

Plant Part: Flowers
Extraction: Steam distillation
Origin: Pico Island – Azores (Portugal)
Certification: Organic
Additives: No preservatives
Fragrance: Sweet, fruity, rose, slightly citrusy aroma
Color: Clear colorless liquid
Use: External only

This beautiful hydrolat comes from the island of Pico, one of the 9 islands of the Azores archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. All islands have a volcanic origin. With a height of 2351 meters, the Pico is also the highest volcano of this archipelago. The Azores have a constant climate throughout the year, with little temperature variation. The temperature varies between 14.0 and 24.8°C, with August being the warmest month.

This beautiful volcanic island has a special flora, including our geranium. The soil conditions and constant climate make this geranium unlike any other. Pelargonium graveolens azoricum has a wonderful soft floral fresh scent, with a light citrus accent reminiscent of rose.

The scent is rich, floral, sweet, a little rose and slightly citrusy. Geranium is a skin care agent of choice for young too old for all skin types. Stops bleeding, promotes wound healing, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and cooling.

Geranium hydrolat is an active ingredient in care creams and milk, lotions or in cleansing lotions.

In lotions, masks, creams: Use without dilution as a make-up remover. For cleaning cuts and abrasions.

In bath, this hydrolat is good for the skin, cell regenerating and balancing for oily and / or dry skin.

Use as a tonic for the skin: Spray in your face and neck after cleansing, then apply cream or oil without drying or letting the hydrolat dry.

Geranium hydrolat is great as an addition to a white clay face mask.

Due to its cooling and skin-caring properties, geranium hydrolat can also be used as a wound spray and after sun spray.
No contraindications

Globally determined consistuents: Citronellol (≤ 0.010 %), Geraniol (≤ 0.010 %), Eugenol (≤ 0.001 %), Citral (≤ 0.001 %), Linalol (≤ 0.010 %). An analysis is available for download, see above.

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Geranium Roseum | Organic | 100 ml
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