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Evening Primrose Carrier Oil | j'Olie et Co Aromatherapy

Evening Primrose Oil - 100 ml.

Evening primrose oil is known for its beneficial and healing effect. It improves the elasticity and cell structure of the skin and hair.

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Variatie: Evening Primrose Oil - 100 ml.
Teunisbloem Olie - 100ml
Teunisbloem Olie - 50ml
Teunisbloemzaad - CO2 Extract
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Teunisbloem Olie - 100ml

Product description

Evening Primrose Oil

Latin name: Oenothera biennis L.

Plant Part  : Seeds
Process production : Cold pressing
Hallmark/Certification : Organic
Origin : New Zealand
Botanical name : Oenothera biennis
Edible   : Yes
Fragrance : Neutral
Color : Yellow
Content  : 100ml
Brand : j'Olie et Co


About Evening Primrose Oil
Evening primrose originates from Central America and was widely used by the Indians because of its special effect. Evening primrose has a long history in skin care. The original inhabitants of America already used it for bruises and for various skin problems, but also ate the roots. The oil is extracted from the seeds by cold pressing.

Properties: Evening primrose oil is known for its beneficial and healing effect. It improves the elasticity and cell structure of the skin and hair, ideal to prevent premature skin aging and to give your skin and hair a boost!

It is very rich in GLA (gamma-linoleic acid), which is said to help maintain a healthy stratum corneum (horny layer) and reduce trans epidermal water loss.

Evening primrose oil is one of the most beneficial oils when it comes to formulating products for affected skin such as eczema, acne, and inflamed skin. The γ-linolenic acid has been reported to have beneficial effects in atopic dermatitis.

The unsaponifiable portion, about 1.5-2% of the oil, contains increased amounts of sterols, tocopherols, hydrocarbons, and alcohols. Research shows that phytosterols in evening primrose oil have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal activities.

Application: The golden oil from the seeds of the evening primrose has a unique content of essential unsaturated fatty acids, especially gamma-linolenic acid. Gamma-linolenic acid has a purifying and skin-supporting effect. Evening primrose oil is therefore a very fine oil to use for impurities.

Use: Evening primrose oil can be used for acne, psoriasis, dandruff, and certain skin diseases. In addition, Evening primrose oil helps with menstrual complaints, pregnancy complaints and even menopausal complaints. Evening primrose oil is also good for well-groomed skin and is also used in natural shampoo. This natural product works from the outside and inside. It has a positive effect on skin and hair and can even be used in healthy smoothies.

Shelf life: 1 year after opening
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