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Amyris | Essential Oil | Essentia Nobilis | j'Olie et Co

Amyris / Amyris balsamifera

Encourages a restful sleep, it has a balancing and relaxing effect.

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Amyris Etherische Olie

Product description

Latin name: Amyris balsamifera

Comes in a blue labeled glass bottle with dropper
Content: 10 ml

Haïti Cultivated   BIO ECO
Sweet - Woody 
Bark Dry/Dark

Characteristic: This slightly viscous oil used to be called West Indian sandalwood or Balsam Torchwood. The aroma is woody, balsamic, earthy, musty, slight hint of vanilla.

Applications: Amyris is mainly used in difficult situations or relationships. The sesquiterpenes present are often used in natural medicine for their skin-friendly and anti-inflammatory properties. The oil added to homemade creams and body lotions is a boon for aging skin. The insect repellent properties are not inferior to DEET.

Biochemical Profile:  Valerianol, Elemol, 7 epi-alpha-Eudesmol, 10 epi-gamma-Eudesmol, beta-Eudesmol, Alpha-Eudesmol, Beta-Sesquiphellandre, Alpha-Zingiberene, ar-Curcumene, Drimenol.

Contraindications & other details: There is little scientific research on Amyris oil. Therefore, do not use the oil during the first three months of pregnancy, from the third month of pregnancy, the oil may be diffused sparingly. You should avoid the oil in babies and children under 6 years old. In the perfume industry, the oil is used as a base note in wood scents.

Allergens: No allergens according EU regulation (EU Cosmetic Regulation, 2003/15)


Selected references to research

Insect repellent: Ixodes scapularis, Amblyomma americanunAedes aegypti, Anopheles stephensi, Aedes albopicutus
Antibacterial: S. aureus, K. pneumoniae, C. albicans
Anti-inflammatory and reduced allergic reactions: 5-lipoxygenase 


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Amyris / Amyris balsamifera
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