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Laurel Bay Azores / Laurus nobilis azoricum

Laurel Bay Azores / Laurus nobilis azoricum

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Price per 10 ml.
Variatie: Laurel Bay Azores / Laurus nobilis azoricum
Laurier Azoren Etherische Olie
Laurier hydrolaat
Laurier hydrolaat (250 ml)
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Laurier Azoren Etherische Olie

Product description

Latin name: Laurus nobilis azoricum

Comes in a blue labeled glass bottle with dropper.
Content: 10 ml.


Azores   Cultivated  BIO ECO
 strong but sweet, 
spicy medicinal 
Leaves Dry / dark,
cool storage

Characteristic: Laurel Leaf also known as Bay Laurel or Sweet Bay, but not to be confused with West Indian Bay oil - Pimenta oils, or the Californian Bay Laurel - Umbellularia californica, the Cherry Laurel - Prunus laurocerasus, or the Alexandrian Bay oil - Calophyllum inophyllum. The essential oil is extracted from mature leaves, not yet dried - as this contains the higher oil content. The essential oil is a pale yellow to very pale olive-green or almost colorless liquid of a fresh, strong but sweet, camphoraceous and spicy medicinal fragrance.

The composition of bay leaf oil is fascinating. It contains constituents from almost all functional ingredient groups (oxides, esters, alcohols and phenols), which explains the wide range of applications. Bay leaf oil can have a calming, grounding and uplifting effect on the mind. There can be harmony, self-confidence, resilience, self-control, patience and concentration to let go of mental fatigue.

Biochemical Profile: 1,8-cineol, linalool, terpenyl acetate, sabinene, alpha & beta-Pinene

Limonene, linalool, euganol, geraniol (EU Cosmetic Regulation, 2003/15)


Contraindications & other details:
  • Avoid use during the first 13 weeks of pregnancy (diffuse only if necessary).
  • Safe for children from 2 years, in very low doses.
  • Use caution when used in skin mixtures: it is both irritating and sensitizing when used inadvertently. However, it is very effective as a minor constituent of a blend.
  • Avoid using bay leaf if you are taking an anticoagulant.


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Laurel Bay Azores / Laurus nobilis azoricum
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