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Frangipani / Plumeria alba

Frangipani / Plumeria alba

In skincare, an excellent choice to use in night creams and lotions for its preventative effects.

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Frangipani Absolute Olie

Product description

Latin name: Plumeria alba

Comes in a blue labeled glass bottle with pipette.
Content: 1 ml.

Product information:
 India  Organic   BIO ECO
Ethereal, rich, 
 heady, honey sweet, 
earthy tones
 (Hexane free)    
Flowers Dry / dark,
cool storage

Characteristic: Our organically crafted Frangipani Absolute, also colloquially referred to as Frangipani Essential Oil and Plumeria Oil, is extracted from the five-petaled, creamy white flowers of the Plumeria alba shrub, native to the Central America and the Caribbean. With its ethereal, rich, heady, extremely sweet aroma with pleasant earthy notes, Frangipani Oil is highly recommended for fine perfume formulations, delightfully scented body and personal care products, and exotic soaps.

Frangipani Oil is an ingredient of the popular Nag Champa incense combined with Sandalwood and Magnolia (Champaca). It is the national flower of Laos, known as Dok Champa and a symbol of luck.

Applications: In skincare, it an excellent choice to use in night creams and lotions for its preventative effects. It is also preferred for its ability to maintain balanced moisture in the skin an effective ingredient for a flawless and glowing skin.  

Emotionally and energetically, Frangipani Oil is a wonderful choice to alleviate stress and depression because it can calm the mind and release negative emotions. Frangipani Absolute Oil also has a reputation for possessing aphrodisiac qualities.


Source: With special thanks to Slobodanka Poštić and Jennifer Peace Rhind


Frangipani is almost exclusively used in the high-end designer perfume industry due to its unique aroma that is captivating, alluring and sensuously euphoric possessing aphrodisiac qualities.

Fragrance profile:
TYPE: floral (tropical)
CARACTERISTICS: diffusive, strong, heady, sweet, rich
SUBSIDIARY NOTES AND NUANCES: honey, fruity, spicy, green, citrus

Olfactory notes:
  • The strongly scented Plumeria varieties can be described in terms of other fragrance types such as citrus, coconut, rose, cinnamon, carnation, jasmine, gardenia, fruity and woody
  • The composition is complex and variable; however, the absolutes are rich in esters, notably:
          - benzyl salicylate (mild, sweet, floral-balsamic)
        - neryl phenylacetate (fruity, rosy and apple-like)
        - phenyl ethyl benzoate (faint, floral, balsamic)
        - phenyleth ethyl cinnamate (rosy, honey-like)
        - trans-nerolidol (mild, pleasant floral scent)
        - linalool (mild, woody, floral)
        - geranial (citrus notes)


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Frangipani / Plumeria alba
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