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Tamanu Oil

Tamanu Oil

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Tamanu Oil

€ 15,00
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Tamanu Oil

Tamanu Oil

€ 15,00

Tamanu oil
Latin Name: Calophyllum inophyllum L.

Tamanu oil has the property of accelerating wound healing, the growth of healthy skin and the formation of new tissue. Tamanu has remarkable analgesic properties. Tamanu oil has a very wide range of action due to its versatile composition, acts as an antioxidant on the skin and is therefore cell protective. The oil is non-irritating and can be applied pure to the skin.

The oil in itself is not suitable for massage but can be added to other base (massage) oils, creams, ointments, body milk and lotions. Tamanu oil is well absorbed by the skin. When applied to the skin, the skin feels smooth and soft without feeling greasy. The scent of the pure oil is nut / spice-like and cannot be appreciated by everyone.

Color: The non-purified oil has a green glow and is cloudy. j'Olie et Co sells the untreated Tamanu oil, without mixing it with any other (cheap) base oil. The purified / filtered oil is yellow but is cloudy after shaking.

Scent: The oil has a strong aroma (earth, nuts and wood).

Viscosity: In the countries of origin, the oil is liquid. With us in the Netherlands, the oil solidifies due to the high content of saturated fatty acids. Before pouring out the oil, you will have to hold the closed bottle under warm tap for a while.

Shelf life: Two years

Keep cool in case of irregular use.

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