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AN AROMATIC DISCOVERY - Essentia Nobilis by Jonathan Benavides

AN AROMATIC DISCOVERY - Essentia Nobilis by Jonathan Benavides Een onlinecursus van 4 dagen van Jonathan Benavides

Ik zou jullie graag willen uitnodigen voor een nieuwe cursus waarin ik, Jonathan, 9 nieuwe essentiële oliën die in de Azores geproduceerd worden zal introduceren. Het zijn zeer bijzondere oliën met geweldige eigenschappen geschikt voor verschillende toepassingen. 

Het is een interactieve cursus (theorie en praktijk) ONLINE, het zijn 4 lessen van 3 uur. 
Op donderdag 29 april, 13 en 27 mei, en 10 juni. 

Tijden: Je kan zelf kiezen welke tijd jouw voorkeur heeft:
09:30 - 12:30 CET: in de ochtend in Europa, 
18:00 – 21:00 CET: in de avond in Europa 

Je komt van alles te weten over deze bijzondere oliën en het botanisch materiaal zelf. Vanaf het moment dat zij geplant worden ... je zult kennismaken met de omgeving waarin ze leven, de tuinman, de harvester, de distillateur, de verschillende distillatie methoden en de rationale daarvan, de researcher op de universiteit, de algemeen gebruiker en de toepassingen van deze oliën (agricultuur, keuken, dierkunde, aromatherapie, cosmetica, medische wereld). 

We zullen ook om een praktische manier thuis kennismaken met de oliën en kijken naar de verschillende manieren om deze oliën te ervaren, te testen en toe te passen op verschillende niveaus (lichamelijk, emotioneel en spiritueel).

Het cursusmateriaal bevat een handboek en alle etherische oliën die gepresenteerd zullen worden (2 ml elk). Wordt online gedaan en bevat 4 modules van 3 uur. 

De Onlinecursus is in het ENGELS en kost € 180,-

Je kan je hier opgeven: https://www.eventbrite.com/.../an-aromatic-discovery...

Origineel bericht in het Engels (uitgebreider)

We all know the big and beautiful hortensias (hydrangeas), however ... do you know her essential oil? Do you know hydrangeol, its main chemical component, the properties, and how to use it? 

Being always a very curious person that wants to go always the extra mile on everything I do, it is quite natural for me to do the same when I start to work with new essential oils. Essential oils come in a small bottle but there is a whole world inside and further beyond its mere little blue glass container. 

How does the botanical material look like? Where does it come from? Which kind of process was used for distillation or extraction? Who did it? When? Why?
How can I classify it aromatically speaking? What does the literature say about it, and do I agree with that? 

What happens when I smell it briefly or when I inhale the aroma deeply? Is there any resonance in my body? What about the emotional aspect? Can I use it also energetically or vibrationally? Which testing methods will I be using? How do my clients react to it? ... and many other questions.

I want to invite you for an aromatic discovery. A sensorial trip that goes further than just a theoretical approach. And for this discovery, I want to introduce you to nine very special plants and tree varieties and their unique essential oils that can be found only in the Azores Archipelago. 

They are:
- Cryptomeria dos Açores
- Conteira 
- Pelargonio Azoricum 
- Incenso (Pittosporum undulatum Vent.)
- Azores Pineapple 
- Louro Azorica 
- Hortensia de São Miguel 
- Lemon Cedar Azoricum
- Funcho dos Açores 

This aromatic discovery comprises a theoretical and practical course with 4 classes, ONLINE.

Every lesson (in English) will be 3 hours and:

You will meet the plant, the tree, the essential oil, and who’s behind: the land, the grower, the farmer, the distiller, the researcher from the University that studies the properties and possible uses in pharmacology, medicine, food industry, and agriculture. 

You will also get to know the local government regulations about the ecological conservation of plants, fruits, and trees used for the production of these essential oils. 

THE PLANT / TREE: You will see videos on the land and the environment, fauna, and flora play a crucial role in the volcanic archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. 

THE ESSENTIAL OIL: You will receive complete information about the oil, classification, botany, extraction, chemical components, pharmacopeia, traditional uses, materia medica, aromatherapy uses (general and clinical), administration methods, and safety. 
You will also learn how to connect with the oil through olfactory training on different levels so you can use it within a broad spectrum with your clients. 

THE PEOPLE: You will see interviews with the grower, the distiller, the researcher and they will tell you about their passion, their care, the how and why of the entire process, and also how they are conducting or have done important research and what they have found that can benefit our aromatic professional practice. 

THE REGULATOR: The use of botanical material for the production of essential oils in the Azores is regulated by the Government of the Islands. They have strict control in order to maintain the sustainability and the ecological balance of the flora and fauna. You will be acquainted with this important regulating program through a video presentation and an interview with the person responsible for this program.

As you can see it will be a very dynamic and interesting course ONLINE.

Thursdays: April 29, May 13, May 27, and June 10 
The course will be recorded, and you will be able to access the recordings at your own pace.

Timetable: Choose one of the following times:
09:30 - 12:30 CET: morning in Europe, evening in Asia
18:00 – 21:00 CET: morning in the Americas, evening in Europe 

The course includes a manual, the studied essential oils (to be sent to your address after your registration) and a link to the recorded sessions to be seen at your own pace. 

Your investment:
180 euros (including the classes, all materials and postage).
To be paid in one or more installments.

Even being online, the course has limited availability in order to be able to work and study fully about the oil. If interested, I recommend you reserve your place as soon as you can.


Please subscribe at: https://www.eventbrite.com/.../an-aromatic-discovery...

If you need more information or prefer to register directly with me, or if you want to pay in installments, please send me an email or messenger, thanks a lot!

Jonathan Benavides
  j'Olie et Co Aromatherapy     21-03-2021 22:28
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