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CO2-total extract Rhatany Root | j'Olie et Co Aromatherapy

CO2-total Extract Rhatany Root (5 ml)

Rhatany CO2 extract is rich in lignans I-V. It is an excellent antioxidant. In addition, rhatany is a great addition to oral and wound care.

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Price per 5 ml.
Variatie: CO2-total Extract Rhatany Root (5 ml)
Rhatany Wortel - CO2-to Extract 5ml
Rhatany Wortel - CO2-to Extract 10ml
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Rhatany Wortel - CO2-to Extract 5ml

Product description

Rhatany Root CO2-total Extract

Latin name: Krameria lappacea

Raw material : Root, dried
Production  : CO2 extractie
Certification : Cosmos Organic - Kosher
Origen : Peru
Composition  : 60 % Rhatany Root CO2-total extract
: 40% Olive oil (organic)
Edible : Yes
Frangrance : Characteristic weak pleasant
Color  : Orange brown, viscous liquid
Content : 5 ml.
Brand : j’Olie et Co

About Rhatany root
Krameria triandra, popularly known as rhatany, is a genus of shrubs belonging to the Krameriaceae (Krameria family). The plant is native to the semi-desert regions of South America, including Peru, Ecuador, Texas, Chile, Mexico, Bolivia, the West Indies, and northern Brazil. The name rhatany comes from the Peruvian Quechua language and means something like "plant that crawls on the ground" - an apt description of the growth pattern. The generic name Krameria comes from the same source as the family name Krameriaceae.

The extract contains 20 – 30% lignans, neolignans and norneolignans, residual content of ethanol < = 2%.
Rhatany CO2 total extract is standardized with organic olive oil.

Skin care effect, with a specific absorbance E' of at least 20 cm²/mg in the entire erythrema active radiation band between 280-320 nm, both absorption and UV-A2 range of 320-340 nm, transparent for the pigmenting less energetic part of the light above 350 nm, ideal for daily personal care cosmetics and sun care products as prophylaxis against skin aging, supports the skin's recovery system, reduces wrinkles, also for toothpaste and oral care products and for hair care products. The extract is also used internally as a remedy for abdominal pain, diarrhea, menstrual problems, and oropharyngeal inflammation.

Rhatany CO2 extract is rich in lignans I-V. It is an excellent antioxidant. The extract also offers high protection against radiation damage. In addition, rhatany is a great addition to oral and wound care, especially for bleeding. As an additive of 2-5% or higher according to indications. Perfect in combination with other good carrier oils, such as sweet almond, jojoba, pomegranate, or in a cream or lotion.

(*) For internal use, first, and always consult an expert, or certified aromatherapist!

Remark: None

These properties and uses come from books and/or websites about CO2 extracts and aromatherapy. This information is confirmed by many observations in scientific circles. This information is for informational purposes only, it is not medical information. Use and applications are not the responsibility of j'Olie et Co Aromatherapy.

Before using CO2 extracts for therapeutic purposes, you should consult a doctor or a trained therapist.


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CO2-total Extract Rhatany Root (5 ml)
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