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Research | Damask Rose Hydrosol

Research | Damask Rose Hydrosol
According to the results of an Iranian study, a little rose water has a significant effect on the anxiety of hemodialysis patients. Patients were instructed to put three drops of rose water on a clean absorbent cotton handkerchief using a dropper each night before sleeping and 15 - 20 minutes before beginning dialysis sessions. They were requested to put the handkerchiefs in front of their noses for 15 to 20 minutes and breathe normally. They concluded that inhalation of rose water can be used to improve the patients’ psychological condition during hemodialysis, to be tried with other anxious situations as well. 



Background: Anxiety is the most common mental disorder in end-stage renal disease patients. The use of aromatherapy as a treatment for anxiety has increased substantially in most countries.

This study aimed to investigate the effect of inhaling rose water aromatherapy on anxiety in hemodialysis patients. 

This randomized controlled clinical trial was carried out in the hemodialysis ward of Birjand Vali-Asr hospital on 46 patients who were randomly divided into control and experimental groups. The standard state-trait anxiety inventory of Spielberger was used to investigate the anxiety level of the samples. The experimental group inhaled rose water for 4 weeks, but the control group did not undergo any intervention. At the end of week 2 and week 4, the participants’ anxiety was measured, and the results were statistically analyzed.

Main scores of state and trait anxiety in the experimental group before intervention were 47/47 ± 7/6 and 49/56 ± 13/8, re- spectively; those after week 4 following the intervention were reduced to 37/1 ± 6/5 and 42/9 ± 10/1; inhalation of rose water fragrance in the experimental group caused a significant decrease (P < 0.001) in the state and trait anxiety levels compared with controls (P = 0.43).

According to the present study, rose water noticeably reduces the anxiety of hemodialysis patients. Therefore, inhalation of rose water can improve the patient’s emotional and spiritual condition during hemodialysis treatment.

You can read the whole study here: https://bit.ly/3fUEqsS

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  j'Olie et Co Aromatherapy     12-08-2021 00:59
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