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j'Olie et Co Aromatherapy | Nighty Night Essential Oil Mélange

Nighty Night Mélange 10ml.

Sleep well, wake up rested and be ready for a brand-new day.

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Price per 10 ml.
Variatie: Nighty Night Mélange 10ml.
Nighty Night
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Nighty Night

Product description

Nighty Night Essential Oil Mélange

Create your own dreamy paradise and drift off into sweet dreams with this “sleepy” blend.

Awaken the sense of stillness and tranquility with this relaxing blend. It slows down the mind and causes the brain to "switch off" so that both fall into a restful, intensely deep sleep.

Sweet dreams are guaranteed with the soothing scents of Lavender, Petitgrain Neroli, Mandarin, Benzoin, Roman Chamomile and Pine Cembra.

Composed of 100% pure essential oils from Lavandula angustifolia ssp. Angustifolia (true lavender angustifolia), Citrus aurantium L. var. amara (petitgrain neroli), Citrus reticulata (mandarin), Styrax tonkinensis (benzoin), Anthemis nobilis (roman chamomile), and Pinus cembra L. (pine cembra).


If you use this oil for sleeping, dripping on an aroma stone is the best application method (for adults 6-7 drops) or a few drops on a tissue is also possible. For children, one or two drops on an aroma stone is more than enough. Sleeping with an activated diffuser is not recommended in aromatherapy.

Can be used with children from 2 years, only on an aroma stone.

Read more about the safe use of essential oils and essential oil blends here!


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Nighty Night Mélange 10ml.
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