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Monarda Hydrosol | j'Olie et Co Aromatherapy

Monarda Hydrosol

Monarda hydrosol, possibly unknown, but this very versatile hydrosol is certainly not unloved

Price per 100 ml.
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Monarda Hydrosol

Product description

MONARDA (Bergamot Herb) Hydrosol
Latin name: Monarda fistulosa & Monarda didyma

Comes in a blue glass bottle of 100ml or 50ml with screw cap.
An optional pump nozzle is available.

Product information:

Netherlands Cultivated 100%
Does not
Flower &
Refrigerated NOT


Properties: For relaxation in the bath or as a lotion to regulate the skin or processed in a mask, mouth and pharynx (as gargling agent). Highly antiseptic, general tonic and stimulating, mild analgesic, stimulates blood and lymph circulation.

Applications: External to wounds, cut, scrape and fire, sunburn. Sprains and bruises. Insect stings and skin cleansing. For the respiratory tract for colds, flu, sore throat, cough, sinusitis. For pain, low back pain and excessive stress and tension

Usage: Active ingredient in creams, wraps, compresses and steam bath.

Allergy information (%): none

Globally determined constituents: Linalylactat and Geraniol.
For exact composition, request the analysis when purchasing.

NOTE: properties and use are taken from books and/or websites about hydrosol therapy and aromatherapy. This information is confirmed by a large number of observations in scientific circles. 
This is for informational purposes only; it is not medical information. Use and applications are outside the responsibility of j’Olie et Co. Before using hydrosols for therapeutic purposes, consult a physician or a trained Aromatherapist!
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