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Essential Oils


Essentia Nobilis

Essentia Nobilis is a Dutch company whose mission and objective are simple: to provide essential oils, absolute oils, vegetable oils (cold pressure), synergies, syrups, sprays and creams - pure, organic or ecological (wild grown and crafted), complete, unadulterated and with the best price for pure oils, scientific, holistic and therapeutic aromatherapy oils.

We do not dilute our oils in any way.

All our oils are tested through gas chromatography, are BBDEO oils and all organic oils have the ECOCERT seal.

Our oils are not tested on animals of any kind. We love animals and we are completely against tests on animals. We assume that you are against testing animals of any kind. 

Our labels comply with the European Community rules for pure and unadulterated aromatherapy products with clear and concise information such as date of expiration, scientific name, origin, part of the plant, and contraindications. Our bottles, mainly 10ml, are blue, cobalt blue.

We hope you will enjoy our products and you will be able to enjoy the pure and healthy world of aromatherapy, giving you well-being, health, light and peace.

Who is Jonathan Benavides

Jonathan loves to travel and, if the opportunity arises, will always look for essential oil distillers in the country he is visiting. These visits have resulted in an impressive number of essential oils that he markets under the brand name Essentia Nobilis. Jonathan knows almost every distiller personally, he can vouch for the quality, and also substantiate this with analyzes. There are well-known essential oils but also many less known, and certainly special essential oils in the range.

Jonathan is well known as an internationally respected aromatherapy teacher. Before becoming a clinical aromatherapist, Jonathan studied psychology and specialized in autism and communication disorders, working for many years in a University Child Psychiatry institution in the Netherlands. He first came into contact with aromatherapy while developing multi-sensory therapies for autistic children.

Jonathan has always been involved in training, research and development of various therapeutic approaches for complementary and integrative care. He specializes in three areas: communication disorders, pain management and palliative care. Jonathan has also worked in terminal care for decades. He is also a recognized HEARTS teacher in Europe.

Many will know Jonathan from the interesting workshops he gives worldwide, or the articles he has published in aromatherapy literature. He is also a popular speaker at seminars, conferences and congresses on aromatherapy or complementary therapies in different parts of the world. Think of The HEARTS Process, Autism, ADD / ADHD for children, dementia, oncology and palliative care. And more…

He regularly gives workshops in the Netherlands for FytArom Aromatherapy Education and is involved in the therapeutic weekend for third-year students from 2021 onwards.

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